Guided Bone Regeneration in the Age of Digital Dentistry and Homecare Dental Products: Facts vs Fads

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Saturday, Sept. 7 – Pregame 8–10 a.m.

8–9 a.m. – Guided Bone Regeneration in the Age of Digital Dentistry 

Overview: The Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) treatment concept advocates that regeneration of osseous defects is predictably attainable via the application of space maintaining membranes, thereby allowing osteogenic cell populations recruited from the parent bone, to inhabit the wound defect, in a stable environment. The presentation will discuss the evolution of the GBR nonsurgical and surgical rationale from a biologic and therapeutic perspective. As well as cover concepts spanning the last two decades and include current digital technologies and applications.

After attending this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify patient and site patient related factors which impact upon the effectiveness and predictability of GBR therapy.
  • Apply both non-surgical and surgical treatment modalities to alter the hard tissue morphology.
  • Have a deeper appreciation of the molecular mechanisms underlying a wound healing process following GBR application.

Presenter: Dr. Dwayne Karateew, Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery; Program Director, Advanced Speciality Education in Periodontics, Department of Periodontology, College of Dentistry, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dwayne Karateew

9–10 a.m. – Homecare Dental Products: Facts vs Fads

Overview: With so many new dental products on the market, patients ask for and need your professional guidance now more than ever. Are antioxidants, polyphenols, xylitol, edathamil, iodine, charcoal or nanohydroxyapatite products worthy of your recommendation? We’ll compare manufacturer claims with available evidence. An extensive and very current handout that will help you design optimal homecare regimens based on patient specific factors accompanies this entertaining yet comprehensive summary of product information.

After attending this course and reviewing the handout, the participant should be able to:

1. Recommend a mouth rinse based on patient factors such as xerostomia and caries risk.

2. Select a dentifrice for a specific patient based on type of fluoride, gingivitis or calculus reduction, sensitivity reduction, abrasiveness, cleaning ability, and safety with chronic use.

3. Choose the most effective mechanical and chemical treatments for halitosis.

4. Discuss new bioactive agents for remineralization and caries control.

Presenter: Professor Karen Baker, Associate Professor, Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine

Karen Baker


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Saturday, September 7, 2024 8:00am to 10:00am
Dental Science Building
First Floor
801 Newton Road, Iowa City, IA 52246
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