Laboratory, translational and clinical research on dental biomaterials, cariology and beyond.

The faculty and students from the Department of Operative Dentistry conduct clinical and laboratory research to develop novel biomaterials and therapies to prevent and manage caries, as well as to improve the quality and longevity of current dental treatments.  The department’s commitment to scholarship development provides many opportunities for pre- and post-doctoral students as well as for faculty to conduct research aiming to improve oral health and patient care. 

Our faculty work with internal and external collaborators on research projects funded by state and federal agencies including the NIDCR, the College of Dentistry Seed Grant program and other funding initiatives, professional organizations, foundations, and dental materials industry.  The Department has access to well-equipped laboratories and excellent clinical facilities for research and the development of clinical techniques.

All our laboratories and clinical areas are routinely used by faculty, graduate students and by a select number of pre-doctoral students for research.

Core Areas of Research

Dental biomaterials

Adhesion to enamel and dentin, Direct and indirect adhesive restorative materials

Digital dentistry

Intra-oral scanning, digital waxing, CAD-CAM materials and technologies


Tooth and restorative materials color, bleaching

Minimally invasive dentistry

Selective caries removal, Protocols to repair adhesive restorations, management of initial caries lesions


Guidelines for caries management 

Clinical research and outcomes

Educational research