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Patient Referrals

The College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics is proud of the partnership it shares with the Iowa dental community and appreciative of the referrals to our student and faculty clinics. It is our hope that the available referral forms will assist in the co-treatment of your patients when the need arises. Your continued support helps to educate the next generation of Iowa dental practitioners.

Office Workplace

Radiology Consultations

Our world-renowned oral and maxillofacial radiologist will provide comprehensive radiology reports to help you improve clinical outcomes for your patients.


Biopsy Submissions

Our experts in oral pathology provide histopathologic examination and diagnosis of surgical specimens from the oral and maxillofacial region of human patients. 


Sterilizer Monitoring Program

The University of Iowa Sterilizer Monitoring Program provides biological monitoring tests for sterilizer users across the country. We offer weekly and monthly testing programs to meet the requirements for dental offices, medical clinics, spas, and tattoo studios.