The University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics is a worldwide leader in dental education with world-class faculty, cutting-edge technology, and an innovative clerkship curriculum that draws from faculty expertise in twelve dental specialties.

As a national leader in student clinical experiences, alumni consistently report—whether serving in the military, academic settings, or private practice—that their senior colleagues have the utmost confidence in Iowa-trained dentists.

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Begin your story at one of the best dental colleges in the country. Help us continue our legacy of improving oral health in Iowa, the United States, and the world.

DDS Program

At Iowa, dental students begin seeing patients during their first year, and become competent in providing care in all dental specialties via Iowa's innovate clerkship program.

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Advanced Standing Program

The Iowa Advanced Standing Program is designed for internationally-trained dentists to earn a DDS degree in two years, which sets up graduates to apply for a state license to practice dentistry in the United States. 

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Specialty Programs

With twelve specialty programs, including ten ADA-recognized specialties, Iowa is preparing the next generation of clinical and academic leaders in a collaborative and evidence-based environment.

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Pre-Dental Opportuninites

The University of Iowa offers two major pre-dental opportunities for students interested in attending dental school:  1) the Pre-Dental Academy,  and 2) Summer Health Professionals Education Program, which is a program for students from underrepresented backgrounds.

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Iowa: A Framework for Life and Service

Hayley Harvey ('94 DDS, '96 MS)

Why Iowa: We Produce the Best Dentists


Why Iowa?

  1. Clinical Experiences

    Early patient experiences, including for first-year dental students, and Iowa's combined clerkship and comprehensive care approach to dental education helps Iowa rank among the top schools in amount of clinical experiences.

  2. Clerkship and Specialty Programs

    Iowa's expertise in a wide-variety of fields ensures that our graduates are well-rounded, competent in a variety of specialties, and able to collaborate with experts in any area of specialty.

  3. State of the Art Research, Facilities, and Technology

    Whether in a specialty program or in the DDS program, students or residents have access to the latest advances in research, equipment, and facilities. 

  4. Iowa Nice

    Faculty, staff, residents, and students genuinely care for one another. We know that our individual success is tied to our collective well-being.

Health and Wellness

Your health—both physically and mentally—is important to us. Iowa has an embedded therapist on-site to help meet your needs.

Iowa Practice Transitions Office

Dentists submit job opportunities for our students because they know that Iowa graduates are ready to hit the ground running.

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