Mission of the Department of Orthodontics

The goal of the graduate program in orthodontics is to educate competent professionals who are, upon graduation, able to practice orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. 

In doing so, students gain an in-depth education in the biological and biomechanical principles related to orthodontics and they learn to effectively and efficiently diagnose, develop treatment plans, and deliver comprehensive orthodontic health care while developing research and service skills.

Furthermore, the department provides clinical services for Iowans and employees (and their families) of the University of Iowa. The faculty provide elite academic-quality care with the latest technology and evidence-based practice, delivering the best results for the most complex cases. 

Orthodontic residents provide high-quality, affordable care at about half the cost of the market rate (and fully covered for University of Iowa employees). Although each appointment may take slightly longer since it is overseen by one of our faculty members, our patients leave satisfied with the results.

Dean and Laura C.'s Review

"A much less expensive but high quality option for orthodontia. Our experience in the student clinic was very positive. The ONLY thing that was a bit challenging was being confined to one day a week for maintenance, but that was made clear to us from the start... Overall, it was great, our concerns about finances and clinical issues were answered very quickly and nicely."

GP's Review

"I received my adult braces through the College of Dentistry and had such a good experience that my daughter went to them with her severe cross bite and now we are back again for my daughter and son... We have worked with several different Dentists in Orthodontics due to our different needs for our teeth and all have been wonderful. I highly recommend getting your braces done at the University of Iowa."

Michael T.'s Review

"I never had braces as kid, but as an adult, the orthodontists at the College of Dentistry corrected my bite, straightened my teeth, and fixed a large gap between my front two teeth with Invisalign. I’m really grateful for their work, and I’ve decided that my own children will receive their orthodontics care at the College of Dentistry. If you are looking for excellent and affordable care, this is the place to go!"