Dr. Thiago Porto

Faculty Spotlight

Our Vision

to be global leaders in operative dentistry

Welcome to the Department of Operative Dentistry

The Department of Operative Dentistry provides an important role in the College of Dentistry, establishing the foundational concepts of dentistry to the pre-doctoral dental students in caries diagnosis, prevention, repair and restorative techniques. We also serve an equally important position in providing national leadership in dental research and advanced restorative technology both in its collective faculty efforts and through the Advanced Education Program in Operative Dentistry.

Our Mission

To support the vision, mission, core values and goals of the institution through teaching, service, patient care and research.

To educate dental students with best available evidence and latest proven technologies to achieve and maintain optimal patient oral health, comfort, function and esthetics through risk-based diagnosis, prevention and tooth-preserving management of caries and non-carious diseases, disorders, and conditions of the teeth.