Levels of Patient Care

  • Dental-student clinic (2nd Floor)
    • Second- and third-year dental students with full supervision by our Faculty and/or Residents.
    • (319) 335 -7217
  • Resident clinic (2nd Floor)
    • Our Operative Residents seeing patients under supervision by our faculty.
    • (319) 335 -7217
  • Faculty General Practice (4th Floor)
    • Faculty participation in a group private practice setting
    • (319) 335 – 8232

Operative residents and faculty are accepting referrals for patients needing comprehensive care in operative and general restorative dentistry, including esthetic cases. In addition, we accept referrals for limited restorative and esthetic treatment. 

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The Department of Operative Dentistry pre-doctoral, residents, and faculty members provide oral healthcare services to the public through risk-based diagnosis, prevention and minimally-invasive treatment of caries and hard tissue lesions. Our goal is to use best available evidence and technologies, to achieve and maintain optimal patient oral comfort, function and esthetics. We work closely with other specialties in the college to achieve the comprehensive treatment of our patients, following a patient-centered approach.

Operative Services

Comprehensive evaluation of dental caries (disease that leads to cavities) and disease control for high caries risk patients.

Gold restorations, tooth-colored crowns (metaloceramic and all-ceramic, 3-unit dental bridges), tooth-colored indirect large restorations (onlays), indirect esthetic restorations (laminate veneers), digital dentistry (CAD CAM restorations), tooth replacement with dental implants.

Tooth colored dental filling (dental composite and glass ionomer), dental amalgam fillings.

Teeth whitening, complex reconstruction of the tooth due to large cavities and fracture, realignment, re-contour of misshaped teeth, closure of spaces between the teeth (diastema closure).

Ashley H.

Let me start off by saying that I HATE going to the dentist. I was traumatized as a kid and have hated it ever since. I've recently moved from Iowa City to the DSM area, and have yet to find a dentist as great as Dr. Nair or Dr. Jain. Both are phenomenal at what they do. By far the most painless, comfortable and inviting experience I have ever had a dentistry clinic. I started off by using students (dentists to be at the clinic) and am fortunate to have insurance, so I eventually started going to faculty. I cannot say enough how great they are and how much they care about their patients. Thank you!