Chris Barwacz

Faculty Spotlight

Mission of the Department of Family Dentistry

During their fourth year of dental school at Iowa, students become fully competent clinicians who draw from their earlier educational and clinical experiences to comprehensively manage the oral health care needs of their patients as they would in a dental office. The Department of Family Dentistry is responsible for helping fourth-year dental students accomplish this goal so that they are prepared to enter into general practice after graduation.

Eileen K.'s Review

"Students at the Dental college are friendly and explain what needs to be done before they do it. I'm in [the] Family Dentistry section and get the same student for my dental care each year. I enjoy meeting these new students and hope I am hoping to further their career as well as getting low cost care that's overseen by their instructors."

Abbi H.'s Review

"I really enjoyed the [dental students]. They had wonderful bed side manners & they were knowledgeable & made me feel comfortable at all times. I didn’t know what to expect & was absolutely blown away by their great service. Highly recommend!"

Laurie L.'s Review

"Each appointment takes longer than a conventional dentist, but the time invested is well worth it. The student dentists have always been warm and friendly... The instructors double and triple check the students' work... All of the instructors that have been involved with my care are just as warm and friendly as their students. I cannot recommend the U of I Dental Clinics enough!"