Questions and Answers

Treatment in the resident clinic is $4,650 total. $800 will be paid prior to the start of treatment with the remaining costs spread over 24 months. 

The cost for treatment by faculty is often determined in a case-by-case manner. The base fee is $6,200 with 25% down prior to the start of treatment. The remaining costs are spread over treatment length, generally 24 months. 

Invisalign and ceramic brackets are an extra charge on top of the treatment cost. 

Requesting orthodontic records will result in a fee when requested from the faculty clinic. 

Once treatment begins, often when something is placed in your mouth. 

If you have the Delta Dental policy through the University of Iowa (as an employer) you are eligible for PIP in the resident clinic.  As long as you are not reaching your calendar year maximum and your dental plan is active through the course of treatment PIP will usually cover the majority of the treatment cost.

University of Iowa brand invisible aligners are included in the treatment plan. 

We are experts at Invisalign aligners and that treatment can easily be provided at a slight extra charge. 

Clear retainers are currently $200 per arch. Full payment for retainers are due and there is usually no insurance coverage on these.

Retainers can often be received within the same day, and sometimes can be mailed to you. 

Hawley retainers are the retainers that have a wire that goes across the front of your teeth. 

Hawley retainers are $220 per arch. Full payment for retainers is due and there is usually no insurance coverage on these.

You will need 2 appointments, one for an impression and payment, then about 2 weeks later for the retainer to be delivered