The Operative Dentistry Advanced Education Program structure has been designed to provide advanced experiences and training in the areas of Operative Dentistry, Cariology and Biomaterials with emphasis in risk-based diagnosis, prevention and tooth-preserving management.

The first of these is the development and refinement of skills in advanced operative dentistry techniques with special emphasis on the biological basis of caries disease management, prevention and tooth preserving restorations.  Residents gain significant clinical experience in comprehensive diagnosis and management of patients based on risk assessment restorative dentistry within the interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach at the College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics and the university.  Students will have the opportunity to learn the latest evidence, critical thinking and clinical decision-making. 

Secondly, the program provides the opportunity to gain experience in teaching and research in preparation for an academic career in Operative Dentistry. Courses in education and research methodologies are available for the student as well as student teaching and mentoring experiences. All students will develop a research protocol, conduct research, and report and defend their findings in the form of a thesis.

Finally, the program provides the opportunity for clinical case development and preparation for students interested in board certification in Operative Dentistry from the Academy of Operative Dentistry.

Combined MS and Certificate Program

The University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics’ Department of Operative Dentistry offers a 36-month Advanced Education Program leading to a Master’s of Oral Science degree and a Certificate in Operative Dentistry. 

The MS in Oral Science requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate-level credit and includes completion of required and elective courses, preparation and defense of a thesis based on original research, and satisfactory completion of written and oral examinations.

The Operative Dentistry Certificate program is completed in conjunction with the Master’s of Oral Science, providing a sound foundation for the clinical practice and teaching of Operative Dentistry. Students are required to complete all clinical and didactic courses in the discipline of Operative Dentistry and teaching requirements, which meets the educational requirements for application to take board certification examinations of the American Board of Operative Dentistry.

Our Mission

To provide advanced education to dental graduates using the best available evidence to achieve and maintain optimal oral health, comfort, function and esthetics though risk-based diagnosis, prevention and tooth-preserving management of caries and non-carious diseases and disorders of the teeth.

To provide dental graduates with a balanced academic and clinical experience in the domain of advanced dentistry to pursue an academic career in dental education.

Our Vision

To be global leaders in the advanced educational training of future academicians in the field of Operative Dentistry, Cariology and Biomaterials who manage oral health though advanced concepts of risk-based diagnosis, prevention and tooth preservation.

Program Goals & Objectives

Goal 1: Maintain a nationally recognized Advanced Education Program and prepare future dental educators.

Goal 2: Recruit outstanding graduates interested in the area of Operative Dentistry, Cariology and Biomaterials academia.

Goal 3: Continue to be one of the premiere Advanced Education Programs in the nation and establish a model curriculum in Operative Dentistry, Cariology and Biomaterials.

Goal 4: Provide patients with the highest quality of advanced comprehensive clinical treatment in the areas of operative dentistry, cariology and biomaterials by incorporating contemporary technology, intra- and inter-professional education opportunities to promote oral health and management of caries and non-caries dental disease.

Goal 5: Expose and provide high-level research, professional experiences and mentorship in the field of Operative Dentistry, Cariology and Biomaterials by establishing a critical thinking environment based in the most recent evidence available.

Goal 6: Continue fostering a professional, ethical and respectful environment.