The College of Dentistry and the University Benefits Office have created an incentive program for University faculty, house staff, staff, UI retirees and their families who participate in Dental II, or House Staff Dental.

Under this program the University will pay 100% (no co-pay or deductible required) of treatment currently covered--up to a participant's annual maximum--as long as the treatment is provided by students at the College of Dentistry.

This program was developed in order to increase the educational opportunities for third and fourth year dental students by offering faculty, staff, and their families an incentive to participate in the educational training of these students. It is important to note that treatment in the student clinics takes extra time. Employees and family members who are currently patients in the student clinics are also eligible to participate in the program.


Participation in this program is simple.

  • Call the College of Dentistry at 319-335-7499.

  • Identify yourself or your family member as being insured in Dental II.
  • Specify that you are requesting an appointment in one of the student dental clinics.
  • After you have received care in one of the student clinics, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form from Delta Dental of Iowa. This EOB will show that you owe a portion of the charges for your care, but the University will pay the remaining costs of the dental care received from the students, as long as the treatment is a covered benefit. You will not be billed by the College of Dentistry for your care in the student clinics under this program until your yearly maximum has been reached.


Please be aware that this incentive program does not apply to any care provided by a College of Dentistry faculty member.

For questions concerning the types of dental care that may be obtained under this program, contact the College of Dentistry at 319-335-7499.

For questions concerning Dental benefit coverage, contact the University Benefits Office.