On April 7 and 14, students from the UI REACH program learned about oral health and received one-on-one tooth brushing instructions during an event hosted at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. 

UI REACH (Realizing Educational and Career Hopes) is a University of Iowa comprehensive transition program for students 18-25 years old with intellectual, cognitive, and learning disabilities. The goal of the program is for these students to have an integrated college experience in a caring and structured environment. UI REACH students and faculty took the CAMBUS to the College of Dentistry, and heard a presentation on oral health from Cathy Skotowski, clinical associate professor in Pediatric Dentistry. The students then went to the clinic and received one-on-one tooth brushing instructions from several dental students, pediatric dentistry residents, and faculty members. The event was coordinated by Gianna Marshall and her team from UI REACH in cooperation with dentistry faculty members Kecia Leary and Cathy Skotowski.

Other volunteers from dentistry included: Michaela Mathews, Kylie Scott, Lauren Witte, Shana Howard, Sara Saey, Isaac Stine, Krayton Schnepf, Riley Erick, Uzair Ahmad, Carter Coppinger, Makenzi Zikas, Ethan Segerstrom, Isabel Wolfe, Jacob Wilson, Domi Rober Sapian, James Beyer, and Drs. Anna Stell, Alexa Rosenau, Olivia Zeitner, Ryan Abdelrahim, Anna Kramer, Macaira Leahy, Eric Kenney, Sofia Irabarren, Polly Iben, Karin Weber-Gasparoni, Amy Lesch, and Michael Callan. 

Everyone involved seemed to enjoy the experience and plans are underway to continue the partnership between the the College of Dentistry and the UI REACH program.