The Academy of Osseointegration awarded I-Ching (Izzie) Wang, clinical assistant professor of periodontics, and Anvita Maharishi, assistant professor of family dentistry, a $30,000 translational and clinical science research grant.
Thursday, April 27, 2023

I-Ching Wang
I-Ching (Izzie) Wang

Anvita Maharishi
Anvita Maharishi

Their project, Correlation Between Peri-implant Mucosa Color and Tissue Dynamics: Phenotype and Health Recognition Using Dental Ultrasonography, is a cross-sectional study using high-frequency, real-time dental ultrasonography to assess peri-implant tissue morphology (such as mucosa thickness, bone dehiscence, etc.), tissue health (degree of inflammation), and the relationship with peri-implant mucosa color assessed by the spectrophotometric analysis. Ultimately, the objective is to understand the relationship between tissue dynamics (morphology and health status) and the peri-implant tissue color/esthetics and patient satisfaction.