Thursday, May 23, 2024

From January 21, 2023, to May 18, 2024, 60 UI College of Dentistry students volunteered time at His Hands Dental Clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, led by Jeff Akey, a 1987 graduate.

This is the second consecutive year that His Hands Dental Clinic has hosted UI dental students. Akey, a graduate from the UI College of Dentistry, was a classmate of Dean Clark Stanford. He is the dental director at the clinic and Dan Caplan, professor of preventive and community dentistry, arranged for Iowa Dentistry students to assist in the clinic.

Over 23 Saturday mornings, 62 total students, 60 from the University of Iowa, served a total of 107 patients for an estimated $73,554 worth of dental services.

Akey is planning to continue this partnership into the future, having already established dates for the fall 2024 and spring 2025, beginning in October.

He added that all the students were terrific.

The following students volunteers at His Hands Dental Clinic:


Sara Escudero
Tiffany Sherock
Mandi Seaberg
Zach Waterbury
Catalina Schmit
Aimy Johnson
Krayton Schnepf
Colton Curtis
Hunter Duncan
Alex Lind
Makenzi Zikas
Bhargavi Vududala
Luke Hovey
Maria Eseverri
Sydney Weber
Paris Schroeder
McKenna Moreland


Olivia Bartholomew
Carter Coppinger
Mallory Obenauf
Kaleb Odden
Sam Mora
Lyndi Hunter
Nicolas Long
Jackie Yeh
Ethan Smith
Kayla Limberg
Clare Caruso
Sarah Johnson
Ethan Segerstron
Abhigna Akurathi
Kylie Holubar
Brooke Kirby
Mariah Oyen
Isabel Wolf
Marci Franzluebbers
Anupama Kare
Swadeepa Banala
Ahmad Alabboud Alkheder
Sydney Washington
Ben Gilles
Jack Joyce
Casey Delaney
Jorge Ceballos
Lexi Kelly


Tanveera Vasdev
Christina Spencer
Destiny Ho
Morgan Swanger
Amy Fong
Elizabeth Corona
Rachel Kellogg
Austin Draws
Saba Manafi
Tala Hagali
Madison Bradley
Alex Stone
Emma Griffin