...very friendly, efficient and kind

The staff from the receptionist to the dentist was very friendly, efficient, and kind. I am not a fan of going to the dentist, but the [UI College of Dentistry] makes it a pleasant experience.

- S. Walker


Process biopsy specimens from the head-neck region and diagnose ailments with the histotechnology expertise provided by our staff.  Through this service over 180 biopsies were found to be cancerous leading to timely service and accurate care.

Full pharmacy services for conveniently filling prescriptions all in the same building before you head for home.

To assure radiation safety throughout the College of Dentistry, certified staff members monitor the radiation exposure of over 300 faculty and staff while also instructing pre-doc, assisting and hygienic dental students in proper radiographic techniques to ensure quality and minimize exposure to patients and care providers alike.

We provide comprehensive radiology reports.  Images are thoroughly reviewed by one of our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists, and the doctor will be contacted when reports are ready. The cases can even be discussed with our Radiologists via web teleconferencing and phone.

Process over 70,000 sterilizer strips yearly. This essential service assures the infection control of over a thousand practices nationwide.  Attention to detail is essential. More information about this service is available.


We see patients with diseases such as burning mouth, oral viral infections, autoimmune disease and mucosal diseases of the oral cavity, and TMD.