The opportunity to conduct research with faculty mentors is a major reason why students choose to attend the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics. Whether examining patients for dental-related stress or evaluating the response of cultured cells to implant materials, students are furthering dental knowledge daily at Iowa.

The Iowa Institution for Oral Heath Research at the College of Dentistry is a highly respected dental research organization. Research at the institute reflects the complex nature of today's health care needs. Many different approaches are employed, ranging from tissue culture or biochemical analysis to the exploration of new treatment modalities. Each researcher holds an appointment in a clinical department of the College of Dentistry. Clinical faculty, in turn, collaborate on research projects centered in the research laboratories. Although participating faculty devote a substantial portion of their time to research, they also share teaching and patient care responsibilities with clinical faculty.


Research day





Dental Student Research Program

The Iowa Dental Student Research Program (DSRP), one of the long standing and largest such programs in the country provides dental students an exceptional opportunity to take part in basic, clinical or translational research. Many different research areas exist within the College of Dentistry ranging from biomaterials to tissue engineering to public health research.  As part of the DSRP, we hope to stimulate student interest and participation in oral health research which is not currently a graduation requirement. We also foster collaboration between student trainees and faculty mentors ultimately encouraging trainees to become involved in the design, conduct and reporting of research. The University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics has gained national recognition for their American Association of Dental Research student presentations. The DSRP also provides a unique opportunity for students to gain more knowledge about a dental specialty that they are interested in pursuing.  Additionally, leadership opportunities for interested students exist within the DSRP program.

Dental Public Health (DPH) and the Distinction Track

Dental Public Health (DPH) opportunities for dental students include research in DPH through the DSRP, the Dental Public Health Club, and the Dental Public Health Distinction track.  Predoctoral students who seek this track will take an additional 4 courses (e.g., epidemiology), participate in the DPH club and engage in community outreach activities.  Students completing this track will graduate with the “Distinction in Dental Public Health”.   The College also supports a fully- accredited DPH graduate program for those who want to specialize in the discipline after dental school