Students at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry gain experiences in digital dentistry, implants, digital photography, lasers, and other advanced technologies even in their first year.

The college is committed to enhancing digital technology experiences and is expanding curriculum, renovating lab space to include more digital and improving clinic processes with a view to the future.

Why Digital Dentistry @ Iowa?

  • To provide person-centered care  through digital workflows to enhance patient experience by delivering efficient, personalized, precision dentistry.
  • To prepare students for the future of dentistry.

Students will learn digital skills and get hands-on experience in

Data Acquisition & Interpretation
How Systems Work
Design & File Development
Fabrication & Processing

Technological Teaching Innovations

Meet Dr. Mahrous

Developing and using technology to teach students in visually dynamic ways.


Dental-Atlas is an interactive website with dental 3D models used for teaching dental anatomy, Endodontics, Prosthodontics and occlusion. 

AR Dental Application

 Augmented reality is developing fast, this application demonstrates the university's first attempts at creating augmented reality experiences for students studying dental anatomy.