Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Center for Inclusive Excellence at the University of Iowa held its annual graduation reception on May 11. At this reception, awards for graduating students are presented for their work promoting inclusive education. 

Fourth-year dental students Chichi Adeleke and Megha Puranam both received awards at the Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence Graduation Reception.

Clark Stanford presenting Chichi Adeleke with the Dean's Achievement Award

Clark Stanford presented Adeleke with the Dean's Achievement Award, which is given to outstanding underrepresented students who exemplify, promote, and contribute to the diversity at the University of Iowa.

Megha Puranam receiving Student Leadership Award

Puranam received the Student Leadership Award, which is given to a graduating student who made meaningful and significant contributions to the University of Iowa or surrounding communities through their vision and action; their sense of responsibility, devotion, and diligence; and through their inspiration, good judgment, and will.

Puranam was also selected to deliver the keynote address at the graduation reception. Her remarks were an inspiring yet sober portrayal of her work to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Megha Puranam delivering the keynote address