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The University of Iowa College of Dentistry is committed to supporting students’ financial needs by providing financial aid resources. The Office of Student Financial Aid’s team of professionals works in partnership with dental students, providing information on available options and assisting dental students with the financial aid process.

Estimated Expenses 2023 – 2024 (subject to change)

Resident Tuition$55,039.00$55,039.00$55,039.00$55,039.00$220,156.00
Non-Resident Tuition$80,177.00$80,177.00 $80,177.00 $80,177.00 $320,708.00
Academic Expenses*$24,252.00$15,330.00$11,730.00$11,703.00$63,015.00
Total: Resident$79,291.00$70,369.00$66,769.00$66,742.00$283,171.00
Total: Non-Resident$104,429.00$95,507.00$91,907.00$91,880.00$383,723.00

*Academic expenses does not include room and board

The University of Iowa Office of Student Financial Aid offers comprehensive resources to help students understand and manage the cost of their education. Eligibility for financial aid is based on need established by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Admitted students and students currently enrolled in the College of Dentistry are eligible to apply for financial aid.

There are a variety of sources and types of financial aid available to assist students with their dental education expenses. Eligibility for the different types of financial aid may be based on financial need, field of study, and/or academics.


  • Federal (assistance provided through the U.S. Department of Education)
  • State (assistance provided through the student's state of residence)
  • Institutional (assistance provided through the University of Iowa)
  • Private (assistance provided through private agencies)


  • Scholarships and Awards (financial aid that does not require repayment)
  • Grants (financial aid that does not require repayment)
  • Loans (financial aid that must be repaid, usually with interest)

After you are admitted to the University of Iowa College of Dentistry DDS Program and submit the FAFSA, your financial aid eligibility is determined. 

View the Step-by-Step Process web page for information on required forms and detailed instructions on applying for financial aid at The University of Iowa.

You must be admitted to the DDS Program at The University of Iowa before your financial aid application will be reviewed. You can submit the FAFSA before you are admitted to the University; however, you will not be offered until after you are admitted.

For tips on applying for financial aid, refer to our Helpful Hints web page.

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs awards merit and need-based scholarships each year to admitted students. There is no separate scholarship application; all admitted students are considered for scholarship.

Armed Services Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP)
To learn more about the HPSP visit the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Arm National Guard websites.

Indian Health Service
The Indian Health Service (IHS) offers the Health Professions scholarship to provide financial aid to qualified American Indian and Alaska Native graduate-level students. Recipients must be members of federally recognized Tribes and enrolled in an eligible health profession degree program. In exchange for financial aid, scholarship recipients agree to fulfill a service commitment in full-time clinical practice upon completion of their academic or post-graduate clinical training.

National Health Service Corp Scholarship Program
This scholarship pays tuition, fees, other educational costs, and provides a monthly stipend in return for a commitment to work at an approved outpatient facility in a medically under-served community. NHSC helps scholars find a practice site that's right for them among the hundreds of NHSC-approved sites in medically under-served urban, rural, and frontier communities across the U.S. Students can apply for this scholarship before starting dental school, or during their dental education. The program requires a 1-year service commitment per scholarship year or partial scholarship year; 2-year minimum and 4-year maximum.

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AAUW Career Development Grants
$2,000 - $20,000 | November 15
AAUW Career Development Grants provide funding to women who hold a bachelor’s degree and are preparing to advance or change careers or re-enter the workforce in education; health and medical sciences; science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); or social sciences. Primary consideration is given to women of color and women pursuing their first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields.

American Indian College Fund
$2,000 - $3,000 | January 30
The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native college students who are enrolled in certificate, undergraduate, or graduate programs at tribal colleges and universities, or nonprofit, accredited schools.

Delta Trade Alliance Foundation Scholarship
$5,000 | March 13
The DTA Foundation Scholarship recognizes dental students who have an established commitment to community service, financial need, and demonstrate academic excellence in dentistry. Candidates must be a rising third or fourth year US full-time dental student in good academic standing and nominated by the school of dentistry dean or designate.

Donald J. Meis Dental Scholarship
$1,000 - $5,000 | March 1
The Meis Foundation is committed to supporting aspiring dental professionals in their pursuit of education. The Meis Foundation awards annual scholarships to talented, ambitious students seeking careers in dentistry. We believe in the power of dentistry and its ability to strengthen the health of individuals and enrich our communities.

Higher Education & Ministry Scholarship
$1,500 | March 7
Student must be a full member of the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church offers a wide variety of scholarships to active, full members of The United Methodist Church.

Hispanic Dental Association Scholarship
$2,000 | July 1
The Hispanic Dental Association Foundation awards student dentists who seek to advance their scientific and applied clinical knowledge as they enter into the oral health profession, and who are dedicated to improving and serving the oral health of the Hispanic community. Applicants must be a current HSDA/HDA member.

Hmong American Education Fund Scholarships
$ Varies | January 1
The Hmong American Education Fund offers a variety of scholarships to Hmong-American, as well as any student planning to pursue further education. Criteria may vary between scholarships.

Iowa Dental Foundation Scholarships
$ Varies | March 31
Scholarships to individuals seeking education or further education in the fields of dentistry, dental hygiene, dental assisting, or dental lab technician in an Iowa accredited program. 

National Dental Association Foundation
$ Varies | May 31
The Scholarship Program has been an integral part of the National Dental Association Foundation – Colgate Partnership. Different deadlines and scholarships are listed on the website, please refer to the website for additional information. 

nsoro Foundation Scholarship
$1,000 | April 12
The nsoro Foundation's mission is to provide access to post-secondary education for all youth in foster care.

Pierre Fauchard Academy Dental Student Scholarship Program
$500 - $1,000 | September 1
The Pierre Fauchard Academy selects certain dental schools (including University of Iowa) to offer scholarships to award to a student from the junior class who has demonstrated high leadership characteristics. By School nomination only.

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship
$5,000 | June 30
Each year the makers of TYLENOL® award annual scholarships to well deserving students pursuing careers in healthcare. 

Vasquez Law Firm DACA Scholarship
$1,000 | December 11
The Vasquez Law Firm DACA Dreamer Scholarship awards $1,000 to two exceptional students each semester to use toward their educational expenses. Applicants must be DACA recipient pursuing a higher education.

Health Professions Loans are available to students enrolled in the College of Dentistry.  Students will automatically be considered for the Health Professions Loan if they complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), complete a supplemental form provided by the Office of Financial Aid, and show financial need. Funds are limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note, this loan differs from the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan for Select Health Professions.

FIND Dental Education Loan Repayment Program
The purpose of the Fulfilling Iowa’s Need for Dentists (FIND) project is to increase the number of dentists in rural, underserved areas of Iowa. Through state and local collaboration, the FIND Project works to stimulate community matching funds and promote the Delta Dental of Iowa (DDIA) loan repayment program to targeted communities and dentists.

Primary Care Provider Loan Repayment Program
The Primary Care Provider Loan Repayment Program (Primary Care Provider LRP) aims to improve access to primary health care among underserved populations by providing assistance with repayment of educational loans to primary care medical, dental, and mental health practitioners. In exchange, practitioners must complete a minimum, 2-year service obligation at an eligible practice site/s located in a federally designated health professional shortage area (HPSA). Candidates must meet certain requirements to qualify and are subject to a maximum award depending on health care discipline.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)
Many borrowers working in a health profession field consider pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), a program offered by the US Department of Education (ED).

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