Prerequisites for DDS Program

All applicants must complete the following prerequisite courses at an accredited college or university with a grade of C or higher no later than June 30 of the intended entering year. 

Grades of C- or lower and courses taken pass/fail or credit/no credit will not be considered as meeting the prerequisite requirement.

courses hours
Physics: 1/4 lab work8
General Chemistry: 1/4 lab work8
Organic Chemistry: 1/4 lab work8
Biochemistry: One course that covers basic concepts in modern biochemistry and molecular biology3
Biology: Must include some laboratory work. One-year course in general biology or zoology. Upper-level courses in gross anatomy, cell biology, or physiology are beneficial8
English: Composition, rhetoric, speech courses required for bachelor's degree--
Electives: A well rounded background in the social sciences, philosophy, psychology, history, foreign languages, business, accounting and mathematics90

Implications of COVID-19 on Grades:

  • The College of Dentistry expects that prerequisite courses are taken for a grade.
  • If you attended an institution that mandated coursework change to Pass/Fail during the spring or summer 2021 sessions due to COVID-19, the College of Dentistry expects your institution to annotate this mandate on your transcripts.