Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Five University of Iowa College of Dentistry students were recognized at a joint luncheon hosted by Pierre Fauchard (PF), American College of Dentists (ACD), and the International College of Dentists (ICD).

Dental students Mary Young, Mallory Obenauf, Krayton Struve, Colton Curtis, and Shanee Haberman, were recognized during the event.

The luncheon was held in Coralville, Iowa, in conjunction with the Iowa Dental Association's Annual Meeting.

Mary Young, Pierre Fauchard Academy, Senior Student Award

Mary Young headshot
Mary Young

Young, a fourth-year dental student from Iowa City, Iowa, was awarded the Pierre Fauchard Academy's Senior Student Award, presented to an outstanding student contributing to dental literature. Young has participated in student research at Iowa, working in Dr. Azeez Butali's lab. She has over 10 professional presentations and 18 research publications. She was the D1 and D2 representative for the COD Student Research Program and was included in the Dare to Discover campaign by the Office of Vice President for Research.


Mallory Obenauf, Pierre Fauchard Academy, Dental Student Scholarship

Mallory Obenauf headshot
Mallory Obenauf

Obenauf is a third-year student from Davenport, Iowa. She was awarded the Pierre Fauchard Academy's 2024 Dental Student Scholarship, which goes to a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership in the university, dental school, and community. She was named the American Student Dental Association Legislative Liaison of the Year this past academic year and is the President of the D3 class. She is a collaborator on many collegiate initiatives, and has given presentations for AADOCR. She has volunteered at Give Kids a Smile, His Hands Clinics, Tooth Collector Project, The Pre-Dental Club, IMOM, and the Orthodontics Interest Group. 


Krayton Struve, International College of Dentists, Student Leadership Award

Krayton Struve headshot
Krayton Struve

Struve, a fourth-year student from LeMars, Iowa, was presented the ICD's Student Leadership Award, which goes to a student who demonstrates core values of integrity, leadership, and service by dental students. Struve has been a leader in dental public health both academically and in the community. She received the Dean's Academic Recognition Award in 2022 and 2023 and serves as a tutor, tour guide, class officer, and mentor. She volunteers in the Women in Dentistry Club, Give Kids a Smile, His Hands Clinic, Tooth Collector Project, Pre-Dental Club, and Iowa Mission of Mercy, where she completed screenings, cleanings, applied fluoride varnish and assisted faculty. Additionally, Struve is active in the Green Bandana Suicide Prevention training and Health care Business Leadership Program.


Colton Curtis, American College of Dentists, Student Award

Colton Curtis headshot
Colton Curtis

Curtis, a fourth-year student form Hayden, Idaho, was presented the ACD Student Award, which is given to a senior student with outstanding academic achievements and an active non-academic participation during dental school. Curtis is the President of the Hispanic Dental Association and is the Prophy Cup Chair for the Iowa Section of the American Student Dental Association (IASDA). Throughout his first and second years, he served as the Class Liaison. He was also the class representative for American Dental Education Association. He has volunteered in the community including contributions to the Iowa City Free Medical and Dental Clinic and the I-Smile Program.


Shanee Haberman, International College of Dentists, Student Humanitarian Award

Shanee Haberman headshot
Shanee Haberman

Haberman, a fourth-year dental student, was awarded the ICD's Student Humanitarian Award, which goes to a student who exemplifies altruistic leadership in promoting and serving humanitarian projects. She has demonstrated a commitment to the college as well as the academic and professional development of students. Haberman has been instrumental in preparing the college for its annual Poverty Simulation exercise to educate students on barriers in access to community resources and services. She ensures all students have a valuable educational experience. Her efforts positively impact the patients our graduates serve through increased awareness of the barriers to healthcare that exist in our communities.

Established in 1926, the Pierre Fauchard Academy is an international dental honor society organization. The mission of the Academy is to recognize and develop outstanding leadership in dentistry around the world.

The American College of Dentists was founded in 1920 and is an organization of dentists whose goal is to advance excellence, ethics, and professionalism in dentistry. There are over 7,000 fellows in the College, who all strive toward advancing the profession.

The International College of Dentists has been honoring dentists around the world since 1920. The group has more than 12,000 members in more than 140 countries. Members of the ICD are invited only and are tasked with recognizing outstanding professional achievement and meritorious service, while advocating for humanitarian and educational initiatives.