Meet Cari Anderson

Cari Anderson

Cari L. Anderson, L.I.S.W., M.S.W. , Director, Dental Counseling and Wellness Support Services Assistant Director,​ University Counseling Service​

2021 Outstanding Staff Award Winner 


Digital Badge for Certified Professional ADHD Clinical Services Provider

University Counseling Services

Cari Anderson, L.I.S.W., M.S.W., is the Director of Dental Counseling and Wellness Support Services for the College of Dentistry and Assistant Director for University Counseling Service.  Cari is a licensed mental health practitioner and her office is embedded full time within the COD.  For the past 5 years, she has held various roles to enhance the overall wellbeing of DDS students and residents as well as assist them in achieving both personal and professional success.   

  • Clinical counseling and psychotherapy services 
  • Provides referrals, resources and community consultations for students   
  • Academic advising, counseling and skills development  
  • Accommodations coordination and support  
  • D1 consultations to welcome students, reduce stigma around help seeking and share COD resources
  • Student advocacy and engagement  
  • Student leadership development 
  • Peer mentorship training and advising
  • Consultations to faculty and staff 
  • Seminars and workshops tailored to mental health and wellbeing needs, curriculum stressors and academic/environmental trends 
  • Support groups and communities
    • ADHD Support Group
    • LGBTQ+ Support Group 
    • International Student & Resident Support Group 
    • BIPOC Support Groups
  • Provides trainings and programming for students, staff and faculty (i.e., Green Bandana Project; Bystander Intervention; Comparison and Competitiveness Fall Seminar)
    • “What I Wish I Knew” Orientation Series  
    • “Navigating the Waters of Dental School” D1 Seminar 
    • "Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Residency and the Workforce" D3 Seminar
    • Annual Student Leadership Retreat  
    • COD Green Bandana Suicide Prevention Project Trainings
    • Faculty & Staff Safe Space Project Training Programs (LINK COMING SOON!)
  • Provides large scale awareness and prevention initiatives annually 
    • Wellness & Yoga Classes 
    • Suicide Prevention Week 
    • Pride Week 
    • Body Image Week 
    • Sexual Assault & Harassment Prevention Month
    • Mental Health Awareness Month

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